Mshed - Careers Fair

Our first event of the new year is a collaboration with Mshed, we will have a stall at Mshed's Engineering Careers Fair 19th October, as part of the Ingenious Project.


Most Developed Project

Robogals Bristol won Most Developed Project at the Bristol RAG and Volunteering awards on 18th June 2012. Well done everyone who helped make this year amazing, this is a great achievement!


Discover 2012

Robogals Bristol took part in the three day science fair in the Galleries shopping centre, Broadmead, run by the University of Bristol. We had our own stall displaying the work we do to schools and the public. Many teachers and parents showed interest in our work leading to more workshops in the local area! With a great team of volunteers we had great fun teaching children about robots and Engineering.



Changing Perspective March 2011

Changing Perspective 2011

Robogals made their first appearance on in Changing Perspectives event run by the University of Bristol in Circomedia, Portland Square. With around 7 schools showing interest and hundreds of kids excited about Lego, Robogals have certainly made a good first impression on the community. Parents and children alike were thrilled about the aspect of building and playing with the robots. It is an amazing sight watching children running around and chasing the robots! Robogals members and volunteers had a great time playing and helping the children build robots, they had their first taste of what is to come. However it was not only children present in those events! Some of the local experts have also expressed some interest in Robogals work, with some promising collaborations most notably with the Electronic Engineering department in the University of Bristol. We would like to thank Dr. Mayol-Cuevas for lending us the robots to make this possible.


New website

Robogals Manchester has a new website!  Check back here for all the latest updates.

Posted by Robogals Global IT Manager @ 11pm, 2 Jun 2010